Innovation can happen anywhere.
Broadcaster Wade Cleveland interviews entrepreneurs, business leaders, and difference makers in rural Nova Scotia. Ignited presents you with the stories, dreams, and experiences of dynamic individuals building bright futures in small towns. Keep your finger on the pulse of innovation in Nova Scotia with Ignited.

New episodes are released on the first Tuesday of every month!

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Revitalizing A Town with Mayor Pam Mood Pt.2

Part 2 of our interview with the Mayor of Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Pam Mood, talking about Downtown Revitalization and creating Community.Mayor Mood and Wade Cleveland di...

Revitalizing A Town with Mayor Pam Mood Pt.1

At a time when Yarmouth as a town was back on it’s heels due to the loss of the Nova Scotia-Maine Ferry and a significant Economic downturn in the fisheries, Mayor Pam...

Sean Williams & Dashboard Marketing

We talk marketing, both as a business and for your business with Sean Williams of Dashboard Marketing.Sean and Dashboard Marketing is Ignite Atlantioc's "Marketer in R...

This Is Ignite 2023 with Doug Jones

Ignite CEO Doug Jones joins Wade Cleveland to talk about what Ignite has planned for 2023, plus a discussion on NetworkingIf you want to find out more about Rural inno...

Doug Jones & Being an Entrepreneur

Doug Jones, the Founder and CEO of Ignite Atlantic tells his Entepreneurial Story, from his days marketing for various sport franchises to developing Baseball Camps wi...

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