Innovation can happen anywhere.
Broadcaster Wade Cleveland interviews entrepreneurs, business leaders, and difference makers in rural Nova Scotia. Ignited presents you with the stories, dreams, and experiences of dynamic individuals building bright futures in small towns. Keep your finger on the pulse of innovation in Nova Scotia with Ignited.

New episodes are released on the first Tuesday of every month!

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Barry Braun Makes Communities Happy

Wade talks with Barry Braun, developer of the Happy Communitites Project and the Good Neighbour AppBarry believes that happy interconnected communitites are crucial to...

Living With AI: Dillon Kearl of H10AI

Dillon Kearl is the Chief Operating Officer of H10AI, a company that lives in the AI space, helping companies large and small utilize AI.Wade and Dillon discuss the ri...

Keith Gelhorn and ADDvocacy - Living and Thriving with ADHD

Wade talks with Keith Gelhorn, the CEO and founder of ADDvocacy, an ADHD coaching and training business he put together in 2012. Keith was himself diagnosed with ADHD ...

Amy Harrison's Pixels and Pieces

Host Wade Cleveland chats with Amy Harrison, solopreneur and the creative spark behind Pixels and Pieces.  Pixels and Pieces is a graphic design and marketing company ...

Chef Pamela Leonforde: Bringing Vegan Cuisine to Rural NS

Wade Cleveland chats with Chef Pamela Leonforde who is based in Yarmouth by way of St. Lucia and opening a Vegan Café here. Her life story and the story of how she got...

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