Keith Gelhorn and ADDvocacy - Living and Thriving with ADHD

  • Wade talks with Keith Gelhorn, the CEO and founder of ADDvocacy, an ADHD coaching and training business he put together in 2012. 
  • Keith was himself diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety at the age of 34, was put on anti-anxiety and ADHD medication but quickly realized that while pills did help him focus to a point, it did little to change the years of accumulated bad habits. 
  • ADDvocacy was born out of necessity.
  • They coach students in Grade 12 - Ph.D. and adults struggling in their careers, entrepreneurship, or daily lives.  What makes the company unique is that all their coaches are themselves neurodivergent and, as such, are no strangers to the challenges and paradoxical ADDvantages this can have on one’s life. The unique nature of this peer relationship plays a critical role and is cited in research as one of the primary reasons coaching is such a successful intervention. 
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Keith Gelhorn and ADDvocacy - Living and Thriving with ADHD
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