Green Oil Solutions - Keeping The Oceans Cleaner and Healthier

This Episode we chat with James "Sonny" MacDonald and his wife Candy about their company Green Oil Solutions and their journey as a new company with innovative technology to sell. They tell the story of how solving problems led to developing their innovative technologies, the struggles they've had, and what the future may hold.
James and Candy MacDonald run Green Oil Solutions, a New Glasgow based company with some innovative and environmentally friendly technology. They developed a solution to clean stored diesel fuel, furnace oil and lubricating oils that became contaminated and would normally be disposed of.   Realizing there was a problem with boats pumping contaminated water into the oceans and waterways, they developed a filtration system that can purify that water before it is pumped out. James and Candy tell the story of those innovations, overcoming business challenges, and how Ignite helped them through their early days.
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Green Oil Solutions - Keeping The Oceans Cleaner and Healthier
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