Danny Reid and UFOs As Tourism

In October 1967 something unknown crashed into the waters off Shag Harbour Nova Scotia in one of the most well-known UFO Incidents in Canada. Danny Reid tells Wade Cleveland about the incident and details his plans for an event to draw tourist to our area every year.
By day Danny Reid is a Yarmouth based Investment and Retirement Planner. He's the driving force behind the "Shag Harbour UFO XPO", coming October 1st and 2nd 2022. The Shag Harbour UFO Incident is one of the best known UFO incidents in Canada. Danny believes that the Incident could become our very own Roswell, eventually bringing hundreds if not thousands to the area. Wade discusses the details of the incident and the upcoming event, and how it could fit into the Tourism Ecosystem of Southwest Nova Scotia.
To learn more about the event: www.shagharbourufoexpo.com
Learn more about Rural Innovation: www.igniteatlantic.com
Danny Reid and UFOs As Tourism
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