The Story of Word-Craft with Ingrid d'Eon

Wade Cleveland talks with Ingird d'Eon, Founder of Word-Craft Media, a national leader in Organic Social Media. She tells her inspiring story of building her business in Rural Nova Scotia as a single mother.
As a single mother Ingrid d'Eon was working multiple jobs and struggling to make ends meet. With a degree in journalism, she finally convinced a marketing company to allow her to work remotely from her home, and it was with them that she discovered her love for Social Media. She started Word-Craft in 2019 with two national clients. Since then she has grown the company to be a National leader in Organic Social Media. Ingrid shares her inspiring story with Wade Cleveland, and talks about her pride in doing it all while being based in Rural Nova Scotia.
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The Story of Word-Craft with Ingrid d'Eon
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